Tuesday, 6 November 2012

A Catch Up

We just thought we'd keep you up to speed with everything that's been happening at Pear Shape HQ recently.  We're very excited to be travelling to the glamourous Chester this weekend, where the Double D's will be spreading a little love and mischief to the good people of the North!  You can watch a shortened version of our street show here:


We're planning some new surprises for this weekend, which showcase some of our never-been-seen-before talents!  If you're in Chester on Saturday and Sunday, pop by and see us outside the Church in the middle of town.  You're in for a treat!

Also now available is an edited version of our day with Lost and Found Festival in Manchester, performing our interactive walkabout 'Here Come the Brides'.  You can see the Pear Shape crew from 3 minutes to the end.  Also thanks to the marvellous Lucy Lost-It and Matt Pang for their guest appearances.


And finally, we're busy beavering away with new characters, including The Chavs, The Songbirds and some angelic flirty ethereal beings who appear all in white and just can't wait to tell you how beautiful you are.  Or how good your balance is.  Or how symmetrical your ears are...  We're struggling to find a name for these characters, so answers on the back of a postcard...

That's all for now.  We'll keep you updated with where you can see us soon, but in the meantime feel free to follow us on Twitter: @PearShapeProd, and like us on Facebook.  Thanks!

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