Saturday, 22 September 2012

Lost and Found Festival

So here it is!  The Pear Shape team are delighted to announce that on Wednesday this week we shall be performing 'Here Come the Brides' as part of Lost and Found Festival in Manchester.

'Here Come the Brides' is a unique form of walkabout street theatre, fused with a giant public game of cat and mouse, interactive story-telling and our own special brand of ‘secret circus’.  Over three 45 minute performances we tell the story of a hapless Groom who just can’t help falling in love, and has to decide what to do when faced with three angry Brides…

We would also like to introduce the arrival of a new Groom to the Pear Shape fold, the gorgeous Matt Pang, street performer and juggler extraordinaire, who's just arrived back from a summer working with his own Circus Theatre Company, PanGottic in exciting locations such as Berlin, South Korea and, ahem, Peterborough.  We truly can't wait to get married to Matt, and hope you'll be able to join us on September 26th in various locations around Manchester (including the tram network!) to see which one of us will get her man...  Find out more at about the Festival and all of the other lovely companies involved at

And finally, we now have our very own logo, with hoodies and T-shirts to boot.  We think they're rather snazzy, although Mary is threatening to wear hers everyday without ever washing it.  Hmmm... not sure that'll help the quest for love.

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